Callaway Food Forensics LLC
R.B. Callaway, Managing Member

7631 Tobago Ct. > Sparks NV 89436 > U.S.A.
ph: 775-384-1716 > cell: 301-351-5314 >
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Robert (Bob) Callaway is the principal of Callaway Food Forensics consulting company. Bob’s 30+ years of experience includes the analysis and identification of alleged foreign substances in food, the examination of food containers for damage and/or defect and the review of alleged food borne illness complaints.  Bob has performed more than 30,000 food forensic examinations and has presented expert testimony in food forensics more than 100 times in 31 states. He has also demonstrated his expertise in food forensics through presentations to the food industry at multiple venues, including the Food Safety Summit.

He has consulted for the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association, following 23 years as the Director/Lead Scientist of their Food Forensics Laboratory.
Bob is consulting for Campbell Soup Company and has consulted recently for Goya de Puerto Rico, Inc.,
McCormick, Happy Family Brands and several attorneys.

Bob currently can be contacted at 775-384-1716 during the business hours of 730AM until 430PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.

Call for fee structure: First time clients – complementary 30 minute consultation.
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